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Appel Farm Arts and Music Festival! Elmer, New Jersey. Just go. Arlo Guthrie and many more great performers will be there!

Cornerstone Festival. Bushnell, Illinois.Perhaps the most fun of all Christianfests!

Creation Festival. The largest Christianfest. Now held in 2 locations!

Falconridge Folk Festival 1999 marks the 11th year! If you have time for just one weekend festival this year, make it this one! (Hope you were there in '98. The photographs of Vance Gilbert, Dar Williams, June Rich, Jack Hardy, Greg Brown and others should be up very soon). Apologies to all.

Purple Door Festival. Lancaster, PA.

Philadelphia Folk Festival Here is where it all began - for me!! Please visit the memorial

The 25th Annual Traditional Irish Music and Dance Festival

Dirty Linen's Festivals & Events List A great resource!

Festival Finder I can only hope I can be as thorough as this site!

Philadelphia Folk Song Society Join it. (Please). Especially if you are a volunteer of the PFF!

The Tin Angel One of the premier venues in Philly.

The Trocodero Another great venue in Philly.

The missing link My favorite Stooges. To see his favorite Stooge (Iggy), go there now.

WXPN -The radio station that all others wished they were. My favorite Radio station! Please become a member. After all, it's the members who keep it alive.

Hundreds more to come!!!

Last updated Oct. 09, 1999

All festivals and venues are located in the U.S. unless noted otherwise.
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