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1999 August 26

Hi fellow folkies. Are you packing for Philly? If so, don't forget some important things to pack. First should be Handi-Wipes or the like. Also, bring spring water, extra TP, sunscreen, sunglasses, raingear, Dr. Bronner's, block ice, sandals, extra clothing for cold nights- it almost always gets that way at least once each year. Bring boots, esp. for night walkabouts, flashlights- with extra batteries.

You get the idea. Look for multiple types of checklists for next year's fest season.

1999 August 17-18

Hello folks. Just updated the computer (2 weeks ago) and still trying to get everything set up for hundreds of photo's and hundreds (for starter's) of links. In case you are unaware,the Philadelphia Folk Festival has added more rules for everyone. I would suggest going to their website to find out more. Primarily there is to be no open fires in the campground because of the extremely dry summer. Also, There is a non- smoking rule that covers most of the areas other than the campground and parking.

On a lighter note, the Philadelphia Ceili Group is looking for volunteers to fill many positions at this year's 25th Anniversary of their fine Irish Festival. Go here.

1999 July 21

So much is happening. Just returned from Cornerstone and on the way today to Falcon Ridge. After returning from FR, there will be many photo's... from all the attended festivals over the years. Apologies to all who signed up at FR last year, but did not get email updates. Look forward to changes this time around

Don't forget to send your photo's, stories, camping tips and links

1999 June 04

It's that time of the year again! Time to get out the camping gear, etc. is in the process of a completely updated and better organized site. All of you deserve it! However, in the upcoming days, the most important things to the site will be the links/ current events pages.

1998 Oct 01

Things are happening. The good news is, after 4 days of being off-line, the ISP that uses is back. However, due to other things, the photo pages will be added soon- but not soon enough for all of you. We apologize.

1998 Sep 15

You all must be the most patient folks this side of anywhere. Either that or you don't think we even have photo's. Well, some of them will be up real soon. In the meantime, go to the Current Events page. Some good upcoming events.

1998 Sep 09

Hey all. It's almost here! That's right, HR # 62 baseball and it could be yours! Now that we have your attention, please go to (and contribute) to our new classifieds. Soon, we hope to add folk personals and more. The first batch of photos are almost here.

1998 Sep 03

Back from Philly. Hope everyone had a great time. Looks like changes are coming- for the better. It was nice to see, or rather hear the percussion instruments. Thanks for taking a stand (Remember: If you don't stand for something, you'll fall for anything). I've heard a lot of complaints from people about various goings on, etc... Please send any related stories to so that it will be passed on to the fest management and whoever else needs to see it. Thanks.

Just added the currents events page. Please add events to it.

1998 Aug 25

Preparing for the Philly Folk Fest. Finishing some of the photo pages as well at the links pages. You all have been so kind and patient!!!

(Say hello to the "fingerman or heyman, ok).

1998 Aug 14

Hang in there. Just a couple more days. Upcoming Festivals include the Philly Folk Festival and The Phila. Ceili Group's 24th Irish Festival.

1998 Aug 05

Sorry Folks for the delays. The links page or pages will be pared down from over 3000 bookmarks! They will consist of many categories and any you don't see please let me know, ok. The same goes for bookmarks!

The photo's will be up shortly. Patience please. I promise you will enjoy them. At least, the "focus" group said so. ;-)

Finally, for all of you who signed up for the Folkfest. com newsletter at Falcon Ridge, thank you. You will be notified shortly when big changes, like the photo's and large links pages are added. Of course, continue to visit and tell your friends.

1998 Aug 04

First of all, I know everyone is waiting patiently for all the photographs of Vance Gilbert, Dar Williams, Jack Hardy, Greg Brown and others from the Falcon Ridge Festival. I am in the midst of completing several other projects so I am off by a couple of days.

I also know that many of you are waiting for the photo's from Cornerstone '98 including the Rich Mullins tribute, the Crossing, Glenn Kaiser, Miranda Stone and others. I also have previous years of Cornerstone, Creation and others to put up.

When I started, I never realized the enormity of creating and maintaining a website. Of course, this all is being done in the middle of prime festival season. That is why I plan on some serious additions right away.

First and foremost, I want to have the largest links page available for all of you to use. I want it to include a links search engine (as soon as I can find out how to get that done) as well as many categories that festers might not readily need now, but will (i.e. Camping...). What about having a personalized query that might include listings by state and month with performers and their official websites and E-mail addresses? Do you think that would come in handy?

Secondly, I want to include the things that I believe all of you would like including a ride board, a forum, classifieds and so on. However, I need imput from all of you for this to work (and if your friends do not have a computer , ask them what they are waiting for!).

Thirdly, I could use help. In exchange, you will benefit by having your own page (?) or some stock in the company( you never know!). We can talk about it.

Finally, for now, much more graphics like buttons- as well as sound bites...will be added.

Remember, this website is nothing without you and your contributions.


Happy Festing!



Last Updated on August 18 1999

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